Why it is important
to offer
a sustainable menu

Did you know that...

  • proteins can be divided into two categories - complete (meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese) and incomplete (beans, nuts, seeds, tofu etc.)

  • a sustainable menu means making conscious choices about the food you place on it. It offers dishes that reflect what is optimal for our health and the health of our planet

  • conscious protein describes an approach which is based on consuming a diverse source of sustainable protein and the awareness of people in their eating habits

  • one in three meals are eaten outside of home


Sometimes, it can be difficult for consumers to find sustainable restaurants, let alone a sustainable dish once inside. By putting sustainability on the (online) menu restaurateurs can visibly demonstrate to their customers, their engagement for a food future that respects the health of the planet and their communities.

To provide a sustainable menu provides many benefits:


  • Benefits

  • Easily changeable with the season

  • Save costs with plant based dishes

  • Increase profit with better meat

  • Stand out from the competition

  • Keep up with social trends

  • Cater to new costumers

  • Stable, profitable business

  • Revive the local economy

  • Varied and delicious dishes

  • Positive, restorative impact on local community and global environment


In addition to a growing number of established customers, the younger generation cares about the environment and how people are treated, contributing to strong trends in eco-friendly products and services. Since one in three meals are eaten out of home, you as a restaurateur can have a real impact on the health of your community and environment through the meals you serve.

Know how –
Steps to create a
Sustainable Menu

It is easy to mirror your sustainability philosophy on your menu. There are several steps that can help you.

  • Reducing the size of your menu
  • Demonstrating the impact of responsible sourcing
  • Offering mainly regional and organic food
  • Avoiding highly processed ingredients
  • Using more plant proteins to meet the interests of
    your customer

Generally, this is an indication for them of good quality and well controlled stock. It also gives you the opportunity to use more seasonal products and be closer to the producer. When working on a more sustainable menu you can easily adapt to societal eating trends and attract consumers that are more aware of the impact that their eating has, on the environment. Conscious proteins e.g. include conventional proteins obtained from animals that were raised to high welfare standards as well as alternative protein from plant sources.


Applications that can support with menu design or communications are:


METRO supports you with a diverse product assortment and services for your sustainability strategy. Please check out the local METRO or makro website in your country.