Did you know that...

39% of HoReCa customers consider
reducing energy and water consumption
among the most important issues to deal
with in their business

38% of HoReCa customers would be
most interested in solutions to
reduce energy and water consumption

compact fluorescent bulbs and lamps (CFL)
use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs
and last 10 times longer (which can save you
a noticeable amount of money)

compact fluorescent bulbs and lamps (CFL) use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 10 times longer (which can save you a noticeable amount of money)

food being cooked with induction
will receive 90% of the heat generated,
as opposed to only 40-55% for gas


As a restaurant or café owner, you usually need a lot of electricity, oil, coal or gas which causes high costs in your budget. With rising energy costs and the scarcity of fossil resources, as well as your customer’s growing attention to environmental issues, it will be useful to become more sustainable and save money at the same time.

Your restaurant will benefit from saving energy in many ways:



The climate is changing rapidly. The natural greenhouse effect ensures life-friendly temperatures on earth. Humans are accelerating this natural effect multiple times through the emission of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), which is released by burning fossil fuels when generating electricity. The greenhouse gases build up in the atmosphere, contributing to an increase in global average temperature with far-reaching consequences for the environment and humans. The effects of the global climate crisis can be observed already. These include weather extremes like drought, floods, and storms, and an alarming rise in sea levels.


  • Analyse your consumption and hunt for sources of energy wastage, e.g. by finding the energy leaks in your restaurant (like open doors on cold days that wastes energy spent to warm the interiors), peaks in energy usage, and equipment that wastes energy.
  • Actively involve your staff in your energy saving program because your staff’s engagement is crucial to make all the investments work. Engage with them regularly so that you can keep them up to date and invite them to propose their own ideas, conduct short training sessions, or place posters in easy-to-see places.
  • There are many simple ways to do this such as turning off unnecessary lights and electric equipment or switching your lightbulbs for energy-efficient ones.
  • There are also advanced ways in which you can save energy. For example, go for energy-efficient equipment or use renewable energy. You can also use induction cooking, which is faster, safer, cleaner, and more efficient than either gas or electric.


Applications that can support with menu design or communications are:


METRO supports you with a diverse product assortment and services for your sustainability strategy. Please check out the local METRO or makro website in your country.