How to source
products responsibly
for restaurants

Did you know that…

  • it is estimated, that in some places, 90% of fish stocks are either overfished or at maximum capacity

  • meat from grass-fed cattle contains around 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic meat due to the grass the cows are pastured on

  • eggs from hens raised organically, usually have reduced risk of contamination by bacteria that cause food poisoning

  • around 1 million animal species are threatened with extinction – more than ever before in human history


Your business is food and food is your business. The dishes you offer in your restaurant sometimes drive trends in the overall marketplace. An increasing number of customers are showing interest in where their food comes from and are demanding healthier and sustainable options when they eat out. By carefully picking the products you present on your menu, you can create a positive and long-lasting impact on the environment and the health of your customers.

Responsible sourcing is positive in many ways:


  • Benefits

  • Opportunity to increase profit

  • Improve livelihoods of local and global farmers

  • Fresher and tasty produce
  • Menu easily updated with the season

  • Win new customers

  • Positive morale for staff

  • Positive image

  • Stand out from the competition

  • Regional products have shorter supply chains
  • Comply with upcoming regulations


The availability of our food is increasingly threatened by climate change and our experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the vulnerability of some supply chains. Sustainable products can provide environmental, social or economic benefits while protecting health and environment over their whole life cycle. Sustainable produced meat and dairy does of course still emit carbon (via methane) but the natural carbon cycle is kept very nearly in balance. Therefore, sustainable products are at the core of transforming the world’s challenges around sustainable consumption and production.


To be more connected with your customers and suppliers while building trust and credibility in your relationship with them, ask yourself if your products are responsibly sourced and sustainable. Our comprehensive guide to sustainable products will help you to find information more easily. Take a closer look at your supply chain and get engaged with your suppliers on sustainability topics. Schemes that guarantee a fair price of the product and fair treatment of workers, the origin and way of production or the compostability of packaging will provide you with more information and orientation on the sustainability aspects of your products. Don’t forget to track your progress and talk about successful steps toward becoming a sustainable restaurant.


Applications that can support with menu design or communications are:


METRO supports you with a diverse product assortment and services for your sustainability strategy. Please check out the local METRO or makro website in your country.